Alvin Weinberg archive opens window into Cold War nuclear science

Alvin Weinberg has an incredible resume, if you will. 

He came to Oak Ridge in 1945 as a Manhattan Venture scientist and stayed in the city until eventually his loss of life in 2006. He was an influential nuclear physicist and the longest-serving director of Oak Ridge Nationwide Lab, dwelling of some of the country’s most important scientific achievements. He was a scientific bridge concerning the use of the nuclear bomb to the value of climate improve. 

But the own tales at the rear of the person are far, far far more interesting.

His influence on science, and on scientific considering in standard, are starting to be additional appreciated by the digital publication of his voluminous handwritten letters. They not only get into the nitty-gritty of nuclear science and Oak Ridge, they expose the deeply philosophical conversations Weinberg was acquiring about the power and danger of nuclear strength in the many years immediately after the Oak Ridge-developed bomb dropped on Japan to close World War II. 

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